~NSFW Blog~ Hiya I'm Lily { Wolfy or Wolfykitsu } I'm a pure white female wolf/kitsune, I'm 24 and have a lovely boyfriend and super shy but will open up to you when I start to talk I post furries or just reblog what I like, I do requests and feel free to ask me any questions and if you want to talk on kik then just let me know. Also none of the pics I post are mine unless I say other wise. ~Lilyrosewolf🐾 ^•w•^

Your page is really cool check my page out if you have the time

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An anon requested porn of Amaterasu. But they also asked me if i knew the name of a female giraffe that they saw in a comic. I think that female giraffe is Puzzle. To fill this request i decided to post porn of both  Amaterasu and Puzzle. These are some of the sexiest pics of  Amaterasu and Puzzle i could find. Are these sexy pics good enough for you anon? Was Puzzle the female giraffe you were looking for anon? I love Amaterasu and Puzzle! These two really turn me on! I really want to fuck these two! I hope you all enjoy these amazingly sexy pics! ( This is not my art. ) ( I found all of this art on e621. )

My wolf dragon

My wolf dragon


every drawing book ever


every drawing book ever

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Thank you :3

I just want to say thank you so much for those who sent me birthday wishes I greatly appreciate it
~Wolfy :3

Hey uh happy birthday day! I love your blog and am still grateful for the cat and Fox couples!

Thank you very much and I’m glad you love my blog and if you ever want me to find any clean couple pictures for you, you can follow my other blog that’s just about clean pictures ok


Just embrace that there’s a giant green dog dancing on your afternoon commute.


Cinematography: Vandal

Happy birthday

Well it’s 12:04 am it’s officially my birthday along with my lovely boyfriend. ^w^




Kiss The Rain p3/3

This story has got my close to crying…. to sweet and I know how losing a loved one feels like.

Gah I’m about to cry

Could you do canine and feline couples?


I wish I could drink some coffee right now but it’s too late maybe later today ^w^

I wish I could drink some coffee right now but it’s too late maybe later today ^w^


Sooooo many comic requests :P here’s my favorite one ~

Hello your page is awesome if you have time check out my page

Thank you and sure I’ll check your page

I uh just wanted to thank you for the cat and Fox couples I really loved them!

Your welcome it was no problem and if you ever have an other request just let me know and maybe someday you will come off anon